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Welcome to Freedom Physio®

Freedom Physio® is a professional, mobile physiotherapy treatment service aiming to provide the highest quality results-based, hands-on treament of musculoskeletal problems that cause pain and/or loss of function. 

From sports injuries to long-term postural problems Freedom Physio aims to help anyone suffering from aches & pains, whether acute or chronic. 

Certain manual treatments are also helpful for relieving fatigue, stress and tension.

Areas covered : Liverpool and Merseyside 

Please see FAQ's for price, and further explanation of treatment procedures.

Freedom Physio® offers a range of manual treatment techniques especially helpful for neck pain, lower back pain, or any musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction, some rheumatological conditions and all sports or dance related injuries...

Treatments include:

  • Integrated Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Functional Fascial Taping
  • Postural Re-alignment
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Rehabilitaion
  • Post-operative Rehabilitation
  • Scar Release Treatment
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sports Preparation Massage
  • Sports Recovery Massage

An injury or condition causing you pain and discomfort is best treated quickly.

The faster you get it checked, the sooner you may recover.. 

However, certain techniques are also helpful for chronic, longstanding problems. 

Please phone or email for advice.

Bookings are made with your convenience in mind, where you will be thoroughly assessed, diagnosed and offered a safe and appropriate treatment.

The treatments take place at your home or place of work.

Alternatively, use of a treatment room can be specially arranged if you prefer.  

If you require further information or have any unanswered questions please call...
07738 461 053 or fill out the enquiry form.

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